Evoke Your Essence! Develop your Self Leadership
Evoke Your Essence! Develop your Self Leadership
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In the Buddhist language Pali the word ‘sugato’ means: Going to a good destination. It is the quality to walk the best path to reach one’s goal.

And any destination can be a right one. It can offer joy and success, and it can offer a mirror and an opportunity for reflection and learning.

The logo symbolises the journey – your journey too perhaps – with elevation for overview; with spread wings for motion, openness, and strength; and with yellow, orange, and red for warmth and passion.

Sugato has been founded in the Summer of 2016 after the owner realised his true path was a different one than the one he was on, walking towards his destination, his mission.

Happiness arises form the connection to yourself, others and nature. We help making and strengthening that
connection, and so with working and living with a lot of authenticity and self-esteem.

Since we were little we have all found our ways to progress in life. Throughout we have struck a balance between being ourselves and taking up space on the one hand, and on the other hand fitting in because that space was lacking. Experiences over time have adjusted or strengthened our ways every now and again. Everyone has interpreted events and (parental) messages in his or her own way, and has linked conclusions and decisions to them; either consciously or sub-consciously. This way we all have internalised many believes.

Some of those believes are no longer serving us today. Those are believes about when you matter, about right and wrong, and about who you really are. You notice when a belief is no longer serving you when something in your (work) life bothers you or misaligns. You feel annoyed by things or certain people, frustrated, sad, anxious, or uncomfortable. All of them being signals that underneath the surface things are off.
Within an organisation or team such signals surface easily, since with all those different characteristics and lives of people there is often enough someone around who just does something other than how you would have liked it.
In a society in which making errors and not-knowing is not appreciated a lot, psychological projection is a logical consequence. Nevertheless, we invite you to turn inwards; to feel where inside of you more space can be created to become even more authentic and happy, so to deal more effectively with your question or matter. This process of learning about yourself and transforming yourself into your best version, is what we call self-leadership.

About Sander
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Sander Stokkink

If you can let your feelings and thoughts be there, you live authentically. If you on top of that, keep working on your deepest dreams, desires, and passion, you live your life to your fullest potential. With the notion that everything around us never causes our feelings, …

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My profile

As a coach and trainer I work intuitive and inquisitive. By clients and friends I often get described as open, involved, and humurous. Those qualities I bring along as a person and in my job as coach.

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Professional background

In 2006 I graduated in International Business (MSc). Between 2007 and 2016 I was employed at large international consultancy firms (Capgemini and KPMG) working on HR(IT), change and culture challenges. Halfway, in 2013, I completed the Management Consultancy (MMC study) at the VU.

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IMC Mensontwikkeling is an education institute with a contemporary perspective on coaching, communication, and leadership. Unique in our approach is the combination of Western and Eastern ways of working, in which the consciousness takes a central position. In the training programmes an irreversible process of becoming more aware is started, with positive effects on one's one responsibility, self-awareness, and authenticity.
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Together we work on getting processes & energy in one direction, by getting people 'on' to take responsibility for and be involved in the organisation. We realize that it is not easy. But what makes its way through is our attention to what inspires you, bothers you, where you are now, and how we help you step by step. In fact, we help ordinary people to do special things.
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De Leerfabriek is a network organisation of professionals in the field of learning and development. Together we are committed to developing a learning culture within organisations, where it goes without saying that: 1. (a lot of) attention is paid to the learning and development of employees; 2. employees intrinsically want to learn and develop; and 3. employees learn from each other and help each other to learn.
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