(body-oriented) Coaching
“Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly”

Coaching with me means: being present, explore what’s within that wants to be seen by you, and letting your authenticity unfold. Become aware of all your sides, thoughts, believes and feelings with compassion. Feel what deeper motives drive your coping in certain moments and what could otherwise drive you. Re-relate yourself to your organisation (identity, goals, strategy) or social context. So what is asked for in work or private life to be reshaped or created?

We will not focus on solving a problem as such, but aim for insights into and transformation of underlying patterns. A solution will present itself subsequently.

The key to change is always on the inside. The only way that leads to real development is the way in.

Way of working

I work body-oriented and with images, movements, the creation spiral, feelings, RET, music, drawings, presentations, constellations, voice-dialogue, energy reading, healing, scripts, and more.

No fixed approaches exist; not per person, not per session, and not per type of case. You and I, in the moment, determine what is beneficial and suitable for your development. Generally a trajectory takes 6 to 8 sessions over the course of 2 to 4 months

Guiding principle

The only person who actually really knows is the coachee; so you. You know what excites you; what you dream of, what you walk away from, what inspires you, what hurts you, what your truths are, etc. Though maybe you’re not aware of them all. Being your coach I help you to grow that knowing, and help you act on it.

In a work related context we will make the connection between your essence and your (future) organisation – its identity, culture, goals, and of course your job and the colleagues around you.

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