Career Coaching
“What good are wings without the courage to fly?” - Atticus

What would you like to do or be able to do to be even more effective in your role? This is often the starting question for job-related coaching, also known as career coaching. Sometimes the initiative for coaching is solely your own. Other times, feedback from your co-workers, colleagues or manager have put you into this direction. 

Another reason for visiting a coach is to reflect on your current situation and the choices you have to make, and to consider your steps for the future.

Career coaching

Career coaching focuses on achieving goals in and at work. Generic tracks are about making you more effective in your role, in whatever position. Coaching specifically for managers, entrepreneurs and directors aims at finding your unique interpretation of your leadership role and the direction for your team or organisation. I do both by asking critical questions, holding up mirrors, proposing ideas, presenting surprising angles and sharing experiences. Both from a business and personal perspective. You will expand your inner playing field and learn to see new possibilities or solutions.

  • How do I position myself better (personal presentation)?
  • How do I increase my resilience (when stressed or receiving feedback)?
  • Other people walk over me easily
  • Others run off with my ideas
  • How can I maintain a better overview in my work?
  • I do not succeed enough in setting and maintaining my boundaries
  • I am strong doubter, and take too much time to make decisions
  • I feel intimidated quite easily
  • How do I prevent myself from stepping into my pitfall so quickly? 
  • I am very task-oriented and would like to be more relationship-oriented
  • Where does my perfectionism come from?
  • I avoid conflicts and hence don’t like arguments 
  • How do I make sure that I don’t feel that I have to save others?
  • I demand a lot from my employees and notice that they are not all equally motivated. Am I doing the right things?
  • My people do not do what I expect of them. How do I get them going in an effective and sustainable way
  • In addition to job content, I also coach people. How do I go about this?
  • I once started as a technical specialist. Now, as a result of many promotions, I am a director. How do I take on my role effectively?
  • I am enthusiastic about a new idea or vision. I really believe in it. How do I get my people on board?
  • I would like my people to develop, but notice a struggle within myself between control and trust. How can I find a balance between the two?
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