Personal Coaching
“What good are wings without the courage to fly?” - Atticus

If you can just be with all your thoughts and feelings, you will live authentically. When you keep working on your deepest dreams, desires, and passion, you will live your life in full potential.

With the realisation that nothing around us causes our feelings, but that our own interpretations, identifications, and attachment are the cause, ownership arises of our behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. I see it as my path to ever grow in this, and I would gratefully guide you on this trip in your own pace. The result? A happy life with compassion and connected to yourself and others. Feel free to be who you are: Evoke your essence..!

Personal coaching

Personal coaching focuses on achieving relationship-oriented and/ or private goals. Topics are for example:

  • What can I do to become less insecure and decrease my fear of failure?
  • How do I get more self confidence and/ or a positive self image?
  • How do I position myself better? (personal profiling, presentation)
  • How do I increase my capacity to take a punch? (criticism, stress)
  • Others often walk over me, and run away with my ideas
  • I look up to people in positions of authority, and I don’t know how to act
  • I am a huge doubter, and I hem and haw too long in order to make decisions
  • How do I know whether I communicate in the right way and how I come accross? 
  • People find it difficult to follow me sometimes; how do I connect to my audience?
  • Sometimes I think people don’t tell me their whole story
  • I often let the moment pass to compliment someone
  • I find it difficult to receive criticism; how can I cope with that in a better way?
  • How do I set my boundaries in a respectful way?
  • How do I show the best of me?
  • Often I am unaware of feelings of others and my own
  • How can I deal effectively with my and other’s emotions?
  • How can I be more emphatic?
  • What makes me feel a certain way, and how do I articulate that best?
  • I dislike arguments, and therefore avoid conflicts
  • How do I get rid of the feeling that I need to rescue others?
  • Sometimes I have the feeling that I lose control over my feelings and reactions
  • I tend to get stuck in past issues; how do I free myself from that?
  • I have the feeling work is determining my life
  • How can I improve the way I organise my tasks?
  • I feel less enthusiastic lately, and work is eating my energy
  • How can I be more pro-active?
  • I find it difficult to shift my attention al the time
  • I am very task oriented, but would like to be more relationship oriented
  • Where does my perfectionism come from?
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