Team development
“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others.” - Norman S. Hidle

Thousands of starlings participate in starling ballets during the fall and winter evenings. Besides those being beautiful to look at, there is also a team idea behind it. They share the same goals (safety and direction), all want to contribute (and thereby benefit from each other), their roles are clear, and they are skilled pilots (that is, they fly at the same speed, keep an eye on seven neighboring birds, and respond quickly). So having a common goal, motivation, clear roles, and appropriate skills is important for a (starling) team. So what about us humans…?

Team coaching

A flock of Snow Geese fly from partly frozen lake at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,USA.

When teams still struggle with old grief and when there is little confidence and vulnerability, team coaching is a good choice. That are intensive custom programmes in which team members will reconnect with each other and build on their vision, involvement, agreements, ownership and trust together. Read more about team coaching here.


Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

If there is trust within a team and there is a need to accelerate learning from and with each other, intervision (peer supervision) is a good option. Intervision revolves around individual work issues, and has the side effect that within the intervision group more understanding for each other is created, and that the available knowledge and experience is exploited so that the wheel does not need to be reinvented. Read more about intervision here.

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