“Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

Intervision is a structured form of reflection, peer advice and problem solving. The working method is aimed at discussing and analysing current personal work challenges within a group of colleagues of an equivalent working level, reflecting on oneself, and advising each other about possible solutions. In a structured manner, one learns from and with each other through real live cases. In this way, the self-guiding capability in problem-solving is increased. Intervision strengthens the reflective capability and promotes clear communication (speaking, listening, opening up, being receptive). A pressure cooker in which “learning to learn” is the point.

Way of working

Intervision provides opportunities to find solutions to everyday work challenges. The systematic group discussion of approximately two hours is based on a “challenge”, “problem” or “difficulty”, related to a work situation, formulated at the start of the meeting. The submitter’s subjective story is the starting point – his or her own perceptions and interpretations color the story.

The submitter is helped to reflect on his/ her own question and interpretations by means of effective questions, problem analysis and – if desired – suggestions, making it possible to formulate a choice for a solution or intention.

For whom?

For professionals of an equivalent work and personal development level who work with other people in their job. Intervision is intended for managers (senior management or middle management) and professionals (e.g. staff officers, policy officers, doctors, teachers, nurses) from the same organization or from different organisations.

First of all: exploration

During the initial meeting, the group of participants is welcomed; everyone’s needs and experience in intervision are explored, and together a first method is chosen. Usually, a common intervision model is started in which there is room for practising the intervision method.

Guided intervision, intervision training or training of organisational consultants

Intervision can be set up in various ways: as guided intervision, in which an external intervisor leads the meetings, or in the way of an intervision training, in which the group is trained in approximately eight meetings to function as a self-guiding intervision group, where concrete experience is gained with different forms of intervision and the roles.

Usually, guided intervision is the way to start, and after a while the team is converted into a self-guiding group. Next to this it is possible to train and coach internal candidates in guiding intervision.

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