Charlène van Belle

March 6, 2017
“In a couple of meetings Sander has helped me in my development as a person. In every encounter something of substance happened: Sander was able to touch me on a deep level. Whether through a voice dialogue conversation, a constellation, or ‘just by talking’; it was “boom”. Making old patterns visible, triggering, discovering new steps, stepping out of my comfort zone and opening my heart; always something essential happened. As a coach and person Sander is very pure and authentic. He has always given me a great feeling of trust, and with his humour and sensitivity he was able to open difficult doors. No conversation was the same; and this I have experienced as his great strength. In the NOW we felt together what was needed, and there he invited me with his warm personality fully to show more of myself every time.  I am grateful that Sander wanted to walk along on my personal journey; with an open heart and a listening ear I have gotten to know myself and my path much better.”
Charlène van Belle - Sugato | Coaching, Teamontwikkeling & Management Development
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